I'm currently a freelance copyeditor for City Owl Press, and a Podcast Interviewer for the annual WriteOnCon kidlit convention. I was a critique partner for Ink in the Blood by Kim Smejkal (out now!) and a former TeenPit mentor. I'm accredited in Proofreading and Copyediting by John Academy London, hold a foundation certificate in Creative Writing by the Open University, and have a degree in Film Production at Staffordshire University.​

For my own writing, my YA fantasy novel was longlisted in the Write Mentor Children's Novel Awards 2019, I've been involved in several mentored pitch contests, and two of my short films won awards at local festivals.


Jade was so encouraging! After receiving conflicting feedback on my query, I over-edited it into a disaster. Jade pointed out everything that needed clarification and gave much needed direction for how to fix it. I definitely recommend her services!” –

Amber R. Duell, now agented!

Author of Dream Keeper 

Jan 2019 from Parliament House


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"I've used Jade's proofreading services on two projects thus far and have another one scheduled to go for next week. I appreciate her thoughtful suggestions and find they have strengthened my stories. Thanks, Jade!" -

F.F. John - author of LegionBorn series


"I've worked with Jade on my last few novels. Her prices are very competitive and she is very flexible with fast turnaround times. I've found her great to work with and very responsive. I've used her proofreading service and Jade doesn't go outside the scope of the work by trying to change my voice (something I really hate). I've had several other editors try to change my writing to sound stiff and business-like. That said, she does provide helpful notes if she finds issues.


Kathryn O Halloran - author of Bad Girl's Club 

"[Jade] did a great job. I will use her [proofreading] again."

Tom Turner - Author of The Palm Beach series

"I got a Cover to Cover proofread for my last book. It was fast, effective, and affordable. For basic proofread, some of those punctuation tweaks were surprisingly insightful. Thank you."

Dustin Porta - Author of Wyrmwind Tales


"I hired Jade for a developmental edit on my fantasy/mystery novel and loved her so much that I basically decided to hire her out for the rest of the series.


Not only does she pinpoint where the story needs tightening up, she also manages to offer insights on how to bring out characters' personalities that tie in with over-reaching arcs. She juggles plot, character, emotion, and (especially important in fantasy) setting in a manner that helps them come together in more natural way, and since she's now working on an entire series for me, she's not only offering insight and suggestions for one book but for several books at once. 

On top of all that, she's vocal about what she loves in the stories, which not only boosts the ego, but reminds me to keep doing what I do. 


All in all, Jade's a keeper!"

C. Ryan Bymaster - author of Mageworks Mysteries

"Always does an amazing job!! I will always come back to her!! Superb editor!"

Amazon Bestselling author, Kenya Wright - author of Dirty Obsessions

"I hired Jade to edit my first novel, a paranormal romance. Let me just say, from having no experience with any editors, that I feel so happy to have found her. Jade dove right into my characters' traits and flaws, pointing out inconsistencies and weak points throughout my book. She also provided many positive notes on parts that were really strong. I didn't cringe too much as I read through her suggestions, because they have really made my story pop."

Alijah Sawyer - Author of Half Blood

"Jade is a fixer. I had the luck of hiring her to proofread my book, but she did much more than I expected. She highlights nuanced problems in the manuscript that have gone unnoticed by the author and editor. She is professional, quick and friendly. Also, she offers affordable prices for new authors. If you want to publish an error-free book, hire Jade. I highly recommend her."

Yunus Salehi - author of Rise of the Survivors

"My friend wanted a final proofread on her equine novel, so I sought Jade's services out for her, and we employed her services. Jade found hundreds of mistakes, mostly commas and missing punctuation, but she also made some suggestions in spots to tighten things up and improve the read overall. We were happy with her attention to detail and quick turnaround and hope to use her for our own co-written novels in the future."

- Courtney Vail and Sandra J Howell, authors of Angels Club and Lost Legacy

"I was picked up by a small publisher!! I wanted to give [Jade] a sincere thank you for helping me become a better writer. [Jade] read the worst version of my novel and gave me critical feedback in areas where I needed to improve and what I did well." -- Stanley, soon to be published!

Other testimonials

“Having Jade look at two passes of my query has helped me identify the key parts needing attention, and my query feel much stronger now with her feedback. Jade picks up on the little things, and also looks at the bigger picture and overall layout. Definitely recommend her skilled eye and attention to detail for your editorial needs!” – Nicole L. – @Nicole_Lowrey

“Jade has done a few passes on my queries and a developmental edit on my manuscript, and she is a very insightful editor, offering poignant and constructive advice. She is very prompt and thorough with her work, and I found her suggestions very helpful. You won’t be disappointed with her work! :)” – Kelly B – @kbarina13 - NOW AGENTED!!

“Jade gives prompt and detailed feedback, focusing on both a query’s strong points and its weaknesses. I appreciated her identifying exactly what needed to be fixed and how to do it. She clearly has a lot of knowledge about the publishing process. My current query feels ready for agents. I highly recommend her services.” -Katherine T @bookgirl_kt


"Thumbs up. Jade helped me out at short notice with both an edit and then a proofread. It's worth getting the 'clean copy' of the proofread too, saved me no end of time!

Thanks and recommended."

- Stella Berry, author of Cornish Witch Mysteries


"Jade is incredibly easy to work with! I was in a time crunch, with my fourth book in my The Wiccan Way series, Shattered Dimensions, ready to launch in a few weeks, and suddenly without an editor. I found Jade through Indie Pub Exchange, and within minutes of exchanging messages with her I knew she was exactly what I was looking for in an editor. She responded to my questions very promptly, provided excellent feedback about my manuscript, some of which I hadn’t even thought of, and is very affordable! I highly recommend using her, and will definitely use her again in the future."

Nicole Coverdale - Author of Shattered Dimensions and The Wiccan Way series