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I'm pleased to offer a wide range of options for any and all editing needs.
Whether you are looking for proofreading, copy editing, a developmental
edit or a quick look over your query letter, I've designed these options
to suit you. If you would like something customised, please get in touch.

~ Currently booking for February and into 2020! See Contact page for info on available dates.

Query Edit

- Query

The Query is one of, if not THE most, important thing to hook agents on your book and generate interest to read on.


I will do 2 passes of your query with feedback - let's get you an agent!

- $20 // completed within 48 hours

Querying Package

- Synopsis

- Query

- First Chapter (or 15 pages)

Sometimes an agent wants a synopsis and the first chapter in your original submission package. Here, I'll cover all three to ensure you're prepared for the querying trenches!

- $45 // completed within 72 hours

Partial Request

- First 50 pages

- Synopsis

Had a partial request, or just want to be ready for an agent? This covers the typical first 50 pages agents usually request and your synopsis, just for good measure. Let's make your work shine!

- $80 // completed within 72 hours


- 1 Full MS read

- Up to 10 pages of Edit notes

A full developmental edit, I read your novel twice. The first, I note my reactions, questions, thoughts. The second read, I put together an edit letter focusing on character, plot, dialogue, pacing and structure.

- $0.0045 a word

Eg. Average novel = 77k words = $346

Typical turnaround - 6 to 8 working days


- 1 x Proofreading Review

I proofread anything from full novels to short stories, documents to essays. This covers grammar, spelling and punctuation. 

I will typically use Track Changes in Word for this but if you would prefer another medium like Google Docs, please let me know

- $2 per 1000 words (70k novel = $140)

Turnaround 24 hours - 7 working days

Sensitivity Reads

I'm able to sensitivity read for --

* Bisexual Representation

* Anxiety / Depression 

* Panic attacks

* Plus Size characterisation

ALSO characterisation for:

* Women / POV female

* English/British culture

Please contact me to discuss reading fees

From $40

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